A Powerful PC Based Functional Tester for a Huge Application

Komatsu TruckIntrinsic Quality recently completed another universal PC based functional tester – however, this tester wasn’t built to test small circuit boards. This tester is designed to test the wiring of 1,000 LBS assembly cabinets to be mounted in giant earth moving trucks.

Our customer had been having these cabinets tested by hand and had predictably poor results. The test time was days instead of minutes and resulted in false positives and false negatives.  The tester we developed eliminated these problems.

with black bckgrnd

To provide the maximum  return on investment, the tester was designed with  a Virginia Panel fixture / receiver configuration with a custom created harnesses specific to the DUT (Devices Under Test).  The tester is powered by a computer that uses National Instruments  PXI test resources. These test instruments were connected through Intrinsic Quality’s own TVS (transient voltage suppression) circuit boards to protect the instruments from dangerous voltages and currents caused by miswired DUT. The test resources are multiplexed to different test locations by Intrinsic Quality custom designed relay boards.front view of tester

The operator interface includes a touch-screen monitor, along with a built in keyboard/touchpad shelf.  To guarantee ease-of-use, we used a custom created GUI (graphic user interface) to display detailed instructions and information to the operator. Test data is collected and stored through a MySQL database for later analysis by the customer.

Upon delivery and implementation, this tester is expected to minimize the time necessary to complete an earth mover and to decreaseContinuity Tester for Electronics FCT for Cabinet Assemblies overall production costs. Like the earth mover, the results are expected to be gigantic!  Call Intrinsic Quality today at 847-258-5598  to develop your test solutions with our engineers.


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    It ROCKS! Thanks –

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