Preventing the Dangers of ESD

push fingersESD (electrostatic discharge)  can be an invisible menace in electronics manufacturing. For both complex boards in the automotive and  aviation industries or for simple assemblies where quality matters, ESD events can have a horrible impact on overall quality.

Electrostatic Discharge in Electronics Testing can occur at multiple points during the manufacturing process and isn’t necessarily immediately detectable.  It can cause a device to stop working completely,  or in some instances cause malfunction further down the line in a completed assembly. The expense associated with malfunctioning circuit boards in completed assemblies can be drastic. And unfortunately, having ESD treated flooring and common point grounding isn’t enough. Test fixtures should prevent ESD as well.

IQ’s Fixtures:

Intrinsic Quality is pleased to offer fixtures with static dissipative material. This material is not a simple coating that will chip and break off with wear – rather it is part of the fixture itself. For more information on ESD and non-ESD  including a detailed data sheet, visit: or call IQ today at 847-258-5598 


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