Intrinsic Quality Poised to Work with ITAR Certified Companies

Intrinsic Quality is pleased to announce they have been registered with the DLA Defense Logistics Agencyitar and the U.S. / Canada Joint Certification Office, enabling them to work with ITAR certified companies. This registration allows them to:

a. Request unclassified technical data controlled by the DOD or DND;

b. Respond to defense-related contracts whose specifications involve unclassified technical data releasable only to certified contractors;

c. Attend restricted gatherings where unclassified technical data are presented (i.e., symposia, program briefings, meetings designed to publicize advance requirements of the contracting agency, pre-solicitation, pre-bid, pre-proposal and pre-award conferences); and

d. Arrange unclassified visits directly with other certified U.S. or Canadian defense contractors or U.S. and Canadian military facilities.

Intrinsic Quality: ITAR registered for Defense and Military Electronics Testing Solutions

Any technology used for American space–commercial, NASA-related, or defense is typically ITAR controlled. Intrinsic Quality has developed electronics testing solutions in a variety of industries for over 25 years, and is looking forward to start working with ITAR certified companies to meet their electronics test needs.  Call IQ today at: 847-258-5598 


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