Making LED Test a Breeze

Feasa LED analyser with Brass Tubing

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Feasa Analyzer – Nearly Effortless LED Testing:


Recently Intrinsic Quality visited with a major manufacturer of electronic interface panels. They were looking to have a PCB assembly tested with 18 LEDs mounted. They were concerned about the ease of implementing LED test and were not interested in changing their current testers. Instead, they wanted an easy to set up secondary test station for the functional testing of the LEDs on assemblies.

Feasa GUI

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Setting up the test will be a breeze. The test parameters can be set using the Feasa analyser software utilities’ “Auto-Learn” feature. This will take the readings of a known good board and use those settings as the test specifications. Tolerences can be set either numerically or by percentage. The software has a friendly user interface and can be enabled for data logging.

Implementation of  functional LED test is expected to improve the manufacturer’s throughput while decreasing the number of defective units shipped – all easily accomplished with Feasa LED analyser hardware and software. Additional information about Feasa products is located at

Feasa Implemenation

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