Flash Programming Station In Action

January 21, 2015

This morning as I was getting out of my car, the alarm sounded, reminding me that I had left the headlights on. My first thought was gratitude that some engineer had cared to solve that problem for me.

IQPS Flash Programming Station


Then I felt a little flow of pride as I thought that this was just the sort of solution Intrinsic Quality was involved in. I pictured a high volume automotive factory with circuit board assemblies flowing through the assembly process. I thought of the IQPS programming stations we had delivered for just such a factory. There, the PCBAs would move in a panel to our printed circuit board station for programming. Our flash programming station would be easily loaded and actuate the embedded FlashRunner to quickly program the entire panel.


Since this facility has four programming stations each using a FlashRunner that was capable of flashing four processors simultaneously, they were able to keep pace with the rigorous production schedule. Should the panel have more than four assemblies, our microcontroller flash programming station would automatically multiplex the FlashRunner to up to sixteen sites.

It was just a brief set of thoughts, but still a “pick me up” on the way to work. It helps to be able to take pride in what you do. And it is a good feeling to experience the benefits of your own product.  Call Intrinsic Quality today at 847-258-5598  to discuss your Flash Programming needs.