Intrinsic Quality’s Test Executive: LabVIEW and CVI Flexibility


Not exactly Shakespeare but still a fairly common question.  Here at IQ we have no axe to grind.  We are comfortable doing either.  We are routinely asked to do both.  In fact the need is so common that when we decided to write a reuseable Test Executive, we made sure it would be compatible and supportable in either environment.  We wrote our executive twice.  Once in LabVIEW, once in CVI.


Intrinsic Quality’s Goal: Reduce Functional Test Program Cost

The idea for IQ’s Test Executive is a little different.  We needed a common starting point for functional test program development.  This would reduce our development costs.  We needed a set of tools that our customers could use to manage, run and in the long term support the test programs we develop.  This would improve our product and make happy customers.  So we needed a test executive.


User Friendly Software

LabView or CVI IQ Test ExecutiveBut we also knew the environment where our programs would be executing would vary dramatically.  We never felt a “one size fits all” approach could meet this variation.  So we couldn’t just build a single test executive that would work for all occasions.  Rather, our executive would be easily customizable for the particular application.  We also wanted the customizing process to allow our customers to modify the program to accommodate new conditions.

Flexible.  Test Executive. with Remote Support

Now many of our customers don’t own both LabView and CVI development software.  Nor do they have programming expertise in both platforms.  But often we provide one or the other with the project we are delivering and often the selected platform is supportable by a customer.  So we needed to have two (near) identical test executives so we could match the customized executive to the test software chosen.

LabVIEW or CVI?  Both work well.

Call Intrinsic Quality today to find out how we can help with your Functional Test Fixtures and Solutions: 847-258-5598.


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