Intrinsic Quality’s New Prodigy Flash Programming Station

December 15, 2015

Prodigy Standalone Flash Programming

Introducing Prodigy – Intrinsic Quality’s new ISP Flash Programming Station  – Flash Device Programmer

Intrinsic Quality, LLC introduced their new standalone entry level ISP programming station, Prodigy at the SMH International Distributors Meeting in Munich, Germany in November 2015. IQ’s Prodigy answers the call for a cost effective and adaptable ISP microcontroller flash programmer for the low volume high mix manufacturing floor.

All too frequently remnant and obsolete computers and peripherals are fitfully hobbled together to create a variety of programming tools for a solitary task in the test process. Prodigy responds to that need with a small footprint and brilliant design integrated with SMH’s FlashRunner FR01ENG in-system programmer.

Mr. Lawrence Raymond, President of Intrinsic Quality, demonstrated Prodigy’s production readiness as well as its easy setup and effortless cable connection to the programming header. Mr. Raymond highlighted several Prodigy benefits including the dramatic cost savings since no PC is required and Prodigy’s remarkable adaptability to several manufacturing applications.  Its throughput is also impressive, as production can move quickly with minimized operator error and lightning fast programming times.

SMH’s meeting attendees were impressed with Prodigy’s ability to adapt to multiple devices, protocols and various vendors. The device has rapid and easy change-over including auto fixture ID and is capable of a range of 32 different part number setups within its easy to configure scroll buttons and LCD.  Auto selection of part number is based on 5 bit ID provided by the fixture or ATE. The device is highly flexible and can plug into simple interchangeable bed of nails fixtures for high volume applications, or can just as readily be connected to an ATE fixture and will auto detect remote operation.

SMH’s International Distributors Meeting was held in conjunction with the European Electronics Exhibition – Productronica.  The Prodigy demonstration was so successful that Intrinsic Quality’s presence was requested for the 2016 Productronica.  This year, Productronica was attended by over 38,000 visitors.

For more information about the IQ Prodigy Flash Programmer, visit Intrinsic Quality today or call our Sales Team at 847-258-5598