Konrad Technologies New Multiple Parallel Test

There is something new in ICT.  Really!  Konrad Technologies has introduced a new flexible architecture that enables multiple parallel test heads.  But even more, the architecture allows for flexible configuration – the number of test heads can change without changing hardware.

Konrad’s KT 501 module implements a complete analog ICT instrument on a single PXI card. Once connected to a switching matrix it becomes a versatile Manufacturing Defects Analyzer (MDA).

KT-PXI-501A standard full size PXI card cage provides 18 slots.  Assuming two slots for the PC, each of the remaining 16 slots can be filled with a KT 501.  Using the Konrad ABEX concept, the front end of the KT 501 can be equipped with a 4 X 86 switch matrix.  So an analog ICT system can be built with 16 independent 86 pin test heads.

But with the ABEX concept each of the 86 pins can be made available to any of the other test heads.  So the above system could be reconfigured with software to be an 8 headed 172 pin system.  Or 4 headed 344 pin system.  Or without changing hardware a single headed system with 1376 pins.

Of course the system can be configured with fewer KT-501’s in a variety of configurations.  With an 8 headed configuration the other 8 slots can be filled with a 172 X 4 switch card.  Now the system can range from an 8 head  X 258 pins  to 1 head X 2064 pins.

Also worth noting that all of this is done in the PXI environment where exists a very diverse  array of functional instrumentation that can easily be muxed to the same pins.

New and still more!  Intrinsic Quality, LLC. is now a USA Support Center for Konrad Technologies, offering Sales, Tech Support and expert integration of Konrad’s complete line of Test Solutions.  Visit Intrinsic Quality Today!


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