Intrinsic Quality began in 1985 ago as an electronics engineering firm that dealt exclusively with GenRad-Teradyne test development. Since then, we’ve expanded our business to include rack-based and standalone functional testers, test engineering services, custom engineering, programming and test related products.

We do more than simply deliver a solution; we partner with our customers to ensure the finished product exceeds their expectations. Intrinsic Quality delivers innovative, quality products and services by using the latest industry leading software packages, in-house developed software tools, and our own in-house ATE systems.

We Know What We’re Doing: Intrinsic Quality works with you to ensure the turn key solution meets your testing needs. Intrinsic Quality is ready to deliver cost effective solutions for high volume low mix or low volume high mix manufacturers and for automotive, military, aerospace and similar industries.

We currently offer GenRad-Teradyne ICT development, test fixtures, Feasa LED Analysers, FlashRunner programmers and custom engineered functional testers. For more information on Intrinsic Quality, visit:


or call IQ today :  (847) 258-5598


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