Intrinsic Quality Supports FlashRunner

April 27, 2012

Intrinsic Quality is proud to be a tech support partner and distributor for SMH’s FlashRunner, a universal in-system programmer for microcontrollers and other flash programmable devices. By providing local support and special promotions, we offer manufacturers programming solutions unavailable elsewhere. The presentation below highlights the different FlashRunner models, their technology and applications.

FlashRunner:  For In-System Microcontroller and Flash Programming

FlashRunner Series 1 Universal Programmer Features Several Models:


Programming engine
(piggyback, RS-232)


ATE-oriented programming engine


8-site programming engine
(piggyback, RS-232/LAN)


Programming engine


Rackmount/Desktop programmer


Call IQ today for Series II, III and Quattro specs and capabilities.  Intrinsic Quality can also be contacted for FlashRunner tech support and sales support:

Phone: 847.258.5598





Electronics Manufacturing Test

April 17, 2012

Intrinsic Quality LLC specializes in test solution development for electronics manufacturers and assemblers. We provide electronics test engineering for the aerospace, automotive, medical, and military industries for both high and low volume manufacturing.

Intrinsic Quality specializes in Functional Test and GenRad-Teradyne In Circuit Test (ICT). We’re also distributors for SMH’s FlashRunner – a universal in-system micro-controller programmer and Feasa – a LED analyzer capable of testing brightness and color. With over 25 years experience, we’re posed to provide innovative,  driven test solutions.

  • PCB test
  • LabVIEW based testers and programming
  • High voltage and high current test systems
  • Universal tester development
  • Teradyne and GenRad programming and fixtures
  • Burn-in board test
  • Assembly testers
  • PC Integrated rack based functional testers
  • Fixture based functional testing
  • Design For Test (DFT) analysis

This blog hopes to address technologies and changes in the electronics test engineering industry, and highlight Intrinsic Quality’s own innovations. For more information about Intrinsic Quality, contact us at  847.258.5598, email us at info@intrinsicquality or visit us online at: