Intrinsic Quality, LLC Proud to Be in the Teradyne Support Network

August 19, 2015

Teradyne Support NetworkIntrinsic Quality, LLC, is once again proud to be counted among the top test program developers in the United States that have been welcomed into the Teradyne Support Network.  As TSN members since 2012, IQ has been selected as expertly qualified with proven competent design engineers offering turn-key and custom in-circuit test solutions.   IQ has been serving Teradyne Customers for over 30 years with professional fixtures and software programs.


Teradyne’s TestStation in-circuit test systems furnish electronics industry manufacturers with dependable high-quality, high-volume testing for current printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) technologies corresponding to automotive, industrial, computing, consumer, communications, and military applications.


TestStation LXIQ provides skillful support of all Teradyne production board testers including the legacy Genrad products such as the GR228X,TestStation, LH, LX, TestStation Duo and TSE. In addition to being a proud TSN Member, IQ goes further to distinguish itself from its respected member ATE firms by delivering turnkey test solutions and support to ensure seamless test integration.  Intrinsic Quality, LLC develops complete In-Circuit solutions and software for Teradyne Test Station.


The Teradyne Support Network is an esteemed addition to IQ’s other strategic industry alliances, as IQ provides relevant expertise in tech and sales support for SMH’s FlashRunner, and Feasa LED analyzers. Intrinsic Quality is also in partnership with XJTAG Technology,  implementing test solutions and services with the XJTAG Development and Test System.

For more information about Intrinsic Quality and in-circuit test please visit: or for more information call IQ’s team at  (847)258-5598